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About Us

Green Solutions is a limited liability company (LLC) with two members, Sharon Hlavka and Rick Hlavka.  We have complementary skills and together we make a powerful team.  Green Solutions is known for: 

  • being objective and unbiased, 
  • demonstrating excellent writing and report preparation skills, and 
  • being knowledgeable and able to explain complex matters to a wide audience.  

As independent consultants, Green Solutions can respond quickly to any changes in the needs of a project. Our expertise and commitment to quality is reflected by our large number of repeat clients. 


 Services provided by Green Solutions focus primarily on solid waste management and recycling, with specialties in: 

  • solid waste management plans
  • recycling events
  • outreach
  • training
  • waste composition studies
  • recycling program assessments
  • technical assistance  

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Green Solutions

PO Box 680, South Prairie, WA 98385


Sharon: sharon@green-solutions.biz

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Rick: rick@green-solutions.biz

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